The Ultimate Streaming Tool – No More Buffering!

Anyone who enjoys good quality home entertainment knows that Kodi is the ultimate streaming tool. It’s easy to install and use, it offers high-quality content and there are plenty of addons to choose from.

The great thing about Kodi addons is that they collect all of the best and latest shows and movies so you can stream them from the same, central location. The Kodi platform is compatible with numerous aggregator addons which means you can enjoy endless hours of free streaming!

However, the issue is most of the streams offered by Kodi addons are available in low resolution. Most of them are 720p or lower while full HD 1080p is extremely rare.

Since the quality of display technology and hardware is improving, it makes sense that most people aren’t willing to settle for anything less than 4K quality streaming or at least 1080p Full HD. That’s why an increasing number of people are turning to Real Debrid instead.

What is Real Debrid?

As a subscription service, Real Debrid offers access to multiple file hosters for your convenience. For as little as €3 per month, you can get unlimited access to this service. There is a free option available but it can only be used between 6 AM and noon.

When you search for something to watch on Kodi, Real Debrid searches for relevant links from one of the 56 hosts that it supports. These are exclusive links that work differently to third-party addons in that they don’t come with buffering issues and they offer full HD quality viewing.

Once Real Debrid is active on your Kodi device, you’ll be able to enjoy an almost limitless amount of on-demand content and it completely eliminates buffering.

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Real Debrid Premium Features

real debrid packages

According to Real Debrid developers, the service’s premium account comes with the following features and benefits:

  • High-speed streaming and download of up to 300 Mbps
  • Unlimited traffic
  • New and exclusive streams in HD, full HD, and SD
  • No buffering and no ads
  • Plugin-free HTML 5 streaming
  • Simultaneously stream and download multiple files

Real Debrid Premium Prices

Real Debrid is available at 4 different price points. Each has a different number of fidelity points that last for a specific period of time. Their packages are typically priced in Euros but we’re going to give you the dollar equivalent in the following list:

  • 3 Euros or $3.70 for 150 fidelity points over 15 days
  • 4 Euros or $4.93 for 200 fidelity points over 30 days
  • 9 Euros or $11.09 for 450 fidelity points over 90 days
  • 16 Euros or $19.71 for 800 fidelity points over 180 days

According to the Real Debrid website, their most popular plan is the 90-day package.

The more fidelity points you have, the longer you have access to the service for. So, if you manage to accumulate up to 1,000 fidelity points you could get up to 30 days of premium access to Real Debrid for 30 days!

To purchase a plan, simply visit the website and pay using a debit or credit card. There are also Amazon Pay and Bitcoin payment options, among others.

Once you’ve signed up for your preferred Real Debrid plan, you’ll need the following guide to help you make the most out of it.

Why is Real Debrid the Ultimate Streaming Tool?

The Ultimate Streaming Tool - No More Buffering!

Real Debrid is considered to be the ultimate streaming tool for movie fanatics, sports fans and series enthusiasts. This service comes with a wide variety of benefits.

1. No More Buffering

Real Debrid works really well when combined with Kodi software. Kodi is one of the most used streaming software providers on the planet because it’s easy to use and has over a thousand addons for users to choose from.

Some of the most popular Kodi addons include Incursion and Exodus Redux. They allow you to watch classic and modern movies, series and sports shows on demand.

But, they’re often plagued with buffering issues and most of the content is not available in full HD or HD.

However, this is to be expected from free streams as they’re hosted on servers that limit user bandwidth. Plus, the constant demand for these addons and services adds to the performance issues as well.

What makes Real Debrid unique is the fact that it offers premium links that are only available to a select list of users. Being part of this exclusive club means that you’ll get access to high streaming speeds and you won’t have to deal with buffering issues.

2. Easy File Download

Another reason that makes Real Debrid the ultimate streaming tool is the fact that it allows you to download files from the Internet quickly and easily thanks to having unlimited bandwidth.

For an even better experience, be sure to use an Internet Download Manager whenever you download files from the Internet instead of your regular Internet browser.

Real Debrid also comes with a mobile app that allows you to download content straight to your smartphone, regardless of the operating system you use. That’s not all, however, as Real Debrid also comes with its own web player which is a great alternative for downloading the file or watching it through Kodi.

3. Torrent to Direct Link Conversion

Real streamers know that torrents are where it’s at when it comes to getting the latest and best files. But, they often come with cybersecurity risks. Real Debrid takes care of this problem by providing you with a dedicated page for .torrent file uploads. You can use it to paste and convert online magnet links into regular files.

When the conversion is done, you should receive a link that takes you to the download destination. If someone else already converted the file before you, then you should be able to download it immediately from the Real Debrid seedbox. 


Real Debrid is a great way to improve your streaming experience and enjoy high-quality content at home. You get to watch HD quality videos with no buffering issues whatsoever.

But, as with any online streaming platform, it’s wise to use a virtual private network (VPN) to limit data throttling and protect your identity and browsing history from third parties.

Do you agree that Real Debrid is the ultimate streaming tool? Let us know in the comments area below. We love hearing from you!

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