Top 10 Best Exodus Alternatives in 2019

You have probably come to this page looking for the best Exodus alternative. As you may already know, Exodus has been shut down and it seems it won’t come back anytime soon. So, the best thing that you can do now is to look for an alternative. Well, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you with that.

Exodus was a popular third-party Kodi add-on that allowed users to stream videos, movies, and other content for free. It was a widely known add-on and one of the oldest as well, thanks to its reliability. Above all, it was very easy to use and had a long list of great content that could fulfill all your streaming needs. Thus, it’s truly unfortunate that Exodus has now been shut down.

But the good news is that there are official add-ons that can rival the Kodi Exodus and this is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

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Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.

Why You Should Use a VPN with Kodi?

ipvanish vpn

Before we reveal some of the best Exodus alternatives, it’s important to know that using a VPN is important with Kodi. The VPN or Virtual Private Network will hide your streaming activity from your ISP which might block unofficial streaming. But there are many other reasons why a legitimate Kodi user should use a VPN.

First of all, the VPN can help prevent your ISP from taking control over your Internet connection speed that could lead to buffering issues when watching video content. A VPN will encrypt all your network traffic. Furthermore, using a VPN will improve the security of your system and avoid those “man in the middle” attacks.

But when it comes to using VPNs, it’s important that you choose a provider that you can trust. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a VPN that carries malware and records your browsing activities. Some can even slow down the speed of your Internet connection and you’ll end up feeling frustrated.

So, what’s the best VPN to use with Kodi? IPVanish is what we would recommend if you need a reliable VPN. It won’t keep a log of your browsing activities and will not affect your Internet connection speed. IPVanish can provide connections to different servers from several countries all over the world. Plus, it’s very portable and can be used in a number of devices, even with the Amazon Fire Stick.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Exodus?

exodus addon

Although our goal is to help you find the best Exodus alternative, we also want to warn you about using Exodus. In case you’re not aware, the content that Exodus streamed came from unofficial sources.

Even though you had the option to disable certain providers, Exodus didn’t offer content from legitimate sources and you didn’t have a way to add your own. This is why we believe that Exodus wasn’t the best addon for Kodi users, especially if you wanted to watch content coming from licensed sources.

Due to its popularity, Exodus captured the attention of copyright holders around the world. In fact, the Motion Picture Association requested that Exodus, along with other add-ons, should be charged with copyright infringement. This request could result in tighter regulations when using the Kodi software in the future.

As a third-party add-on, it’s very possible that Exodus didn’t go through rigorous testing during its development. Thus, any unpatched vulnerabilities may have gone unnoticed. In addition, Exodus was no longer getting the necessary support that it needed from developers so it was becoming even more vulnerable. This could be one of the reasons why Exodus was been shut down and Kodi users are now in the hunt for the best Exodus alternative.

Best Exodus Alternatives

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to Exodus that use official sources. They are not prone to hacking and offer a similar size of content libraries as Exodus. Above all, they support content creators and will not put you at risk of receiving notices from your Internet service provider.

So, here’s a list of the best Exodus alternatives.

1. Crackle


Owned by Sony, Crackle functions as a video streaming platform that’s totally free to use. However, the content in Crackle is only available to US viewers. If you’re outside the United States, the best thing that you can do is to use a VPN. The Crackle addon that you’ll find in the Kodi repository is no longer working. However, you can find an updated version at the Eracknaphobia repository.

2. PlayOn Browser

playOn addon

PlayOn works by connecting accounts from several streaming services and then displaying all available content in a single place. We believe it’s the safest way to stream movies in Kodi from Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. You’ll be required to sign-up for the premium account to get access to these sources. Yet it only costs $2.50 per month, which is definitely affordable. You’ll find the PlayOn Browser at the Kodi addon repository. 

3. Snagfilms

snagfilms addon

Snagfilms is the best Exodus alternative for those who like watching Indie films. Featuring more than 5,000 titles in different categories, from politics to Sci-Fi, the content is strategically arranged, making it easier for users to browse. Although it doesn’t have a search function, it’s pretty easy to look for content to watch. You’ll find Snagfilms in Kodi’s official repository.

4. Viewster

viewster addon

Viewster works as an online streaming platform. But unlike its other competitors, it will not block content based on region. It allows you to view a wide range of videos, TV shows, animes, etc. What’s great about Viewster is that they offer lots of titles that are not yet available in the official sources. You can find Viewster at the official Kodi addon repository.

5. FilmRise

filmrise addon

The FilmRise works by scraping links from different YouTube channels of FilmRise, an independent distribution company. In this addon, you’ll find thousands of media content files, most of which are high-definition videos and movies. Most of the movies that you find in FilmRise’s library have not achieved commercial success, which is why it’s a perfect place to find new movies that you won’t be able to find somewhere else. This addon is also available in the Kodi addon repository.

6. iPlayer WWW

iplayer www

If you want to view content from BBC, you’ve got to use the iPlayer streaming platform. This addon provides a good collection of BBC TV shows that’s updated regularly. However, you must have a valid UK TV license before you can watch these shows. What’s great about using iPlayer is that the TV shows are added only a few hours after they are aired on TV. Plus, you have the option to watch the shows live if you want to. If you’re outside of the UK, you will need to use a VPN with a UK server to be able to use the iPlayer WW addon.

7. USTV Now

ustvnow addon

If you’re outside the United States and you want to watch American TV shows, the USTVNow would be a great addon to use for Kodi. With this addon, you get to choose from three different plans. There’s a free plan that allows you to watch 7 channels. If you’ll opt for the paid plans, you’ll get access to 21 channels plus DVR functionality. Keep in mind that you need a VPN with a US server before you can watch the shows in this addon. We recommend you use IPVanish.

8. Crunchyroll

crunchyroll addon

We believe that Crunchyroll is the best Exodus alternative for Kodi users since it allows users to watch directly through Kodi. It’s highly recommended for anime series fans. It gives users access to a hundred different series and new episodes are added regularly. In fact, the series can be watched on the same day they are shown in Japan. However, most of the videos are subtitled, so if you want them dubbed, better go for the Funimation addon.

9. NBC Live Sports Extra

nbc sports live extra addon

Featuring video clips and highlights of NBA games, the NBC Sports Live Extra addon is a great addon for NBA fans. The videos are in HD format. However, they are only available to US viewers. If you’re outside of the United States, you can watch through an American server by connection to a VPN.

10. ITV

ITV addon

The ITV addon for Kodi works in the same way as the iPlayer WWW. It gives users access to the various shows of ITV and with an option to watch live streams. However, just like iPlayer, you need to use a VPN with a UK server to be able to watch the shows. Even though this addon doesn’t provide a search function, it’s pretty easy to browse the content since it’s categorized according to the genre. Most of the content is in HD format, except for the older titles. You’ll find the ITV addon in the the NoobsandNerds repository.


Although Exodus had great features for Kodi users, it also came with several issues. If you want to enjoy viewing your favorite movies and TV shows without getting in trouble with your ISP, you might as well use the best Exodus alternatives as stated above. Just like Exodus addon, they offer a good collection of content but will fewer risks.

Always use a VPN such as IPVanish when using Kodi addons so you can protect all your activity online.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the Exodus addon and which alternative you like best!

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