Top 5 Best Android TV Boxes for Streaming, Kodi and Cord-Cutting

Android TV Boxes are becoming hugely popular lately. This is because they offer a comprehensive entertainment hub for homeowners to enjoy at different price points.

But not all Android TV Boxes are the same. If you’re an avid Kodi user and streaming enthusiast, then you want something customized to your needs.

In this article, we’re going to identify the best Android TV boxes for Kodi. This is based on criteria that includes price, available RAM, processing power and of course, ease of use.

Like most passionate Kodi users, we’ve been using the platform since 2002. Throughout this time, we’ve experimented with Kodi a lot by using it on various devices. We tried it from Android tablet and smartphones to Mi Box, Nexus Player, iPad, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Raspberry Pi – you name it!

What we found is that Kodi is versatile enough to run on a number of different devices without any issue. This is while freeing you from cord devices such as computers and TV sets. All you have to do is plug this tiny device into your television’s HDMI port and you’re good to go!

What is an Android TV Box?

android tv box

Before we get into what is the best Android TV boxes for Kodi, let’s start by defining what exactly an Android TV Box is and what it does. It’s basically a small device that comes with the Android operating system. You can plug it into your TV set to enjoy a wide array of entertainment options. A few examples would be Mi Box, NVIDIA Shield, Fire TV/ Stick and so on.

There are many Android TV boxes out there, and users need to be discerning when making a final choice. For instance, you must consider factors like ease of use. You want a device that you can operate from 10 feet away without getting up from your couch. Make sure the remote control is easy to maneuver and allows you to switch between different applications. 

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Generic TV Boxes

A generic Android TV Box is any box that operates according to stock Android instead of the original Android OS. As a result, these devices have a hard time running on a TV screen because they use an Android version that’s optimized for use on a tablet or smartphone.

Nevertheless, certain apps are able to adjust to TV use while others can’t.

Another important feature that you should look out for when searching for the best Android TV boxes for Kodi is processing power. Ideally, you should look out for a streaming device that offers HD and 4K processing power. Also, an Android TV box with a high processing power allows you to use a VPN smoothly.

It’s important to pair your Android TV Box with a VPN in order to get faster download speeds regardless of whether you’re streaming in 4K or HD.

Also, it’s important to consider the memory or RAM available on your Android TV Box. The device should have a memory of at least 1.5 GB to avoid buffering and other streaming issues.

Next, consider if your Android TV Box enables you to side-load and install third party apps like FileLinked. Find out if you’ll be able to side-load third-party application as well because a lot of people take that one for granted but it’s not always an included feature.

Obviously, the best OS to use for an Android TV streaming device is the Android platform.

Best Android TV Boxes in 2019

1. NVIDIA Shield TV

nvidia box

NVIDIA Shield TV is one of the best Android TV boxes for streaming Kodi. It’s affordable (discover here), doesn’t come with any cord-cutting or streaming restrictions, and it makes it super easy to install and operate Kodi. Plus, you can’t beat the voice search and remote control features.

2. Amazon Fire TV Cube

fire tv cube

This device is one of the best Android TV Boxes for cord-cutting and streaming, but it makes it difficult to install Kodi when compared to other boxes. It enables you to search through the different features through voice search but it doesn’t come with a Google Play Store app.

Click here to find the best price for a brand new Amazon Fire TV Cube.

3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

fire tv stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is arguably one of the best Android TV boxes for Kodi. It offers endless streaming possibilities and it’s particularly designed for Kodi. However, it doesn’t come with the Google Play Store which makes it a little difficult to install Kodi if you’re a newbie.

Find here the best price for Amazon Fire Stick 4K.

4. Xiaomi Mi Box 4K


Recent reports say that Xiaomi Mi Box 4K is in the top 4 of the best Android TV boxes for Kodi. This makes sense considering that Xiaomi is often referred to as the Chinese Apple. It comes with standard remote control voice search ability and it’s one of the few devices on this list that won’t hurt your pocket. Yet, it features all the cord-cutting and streaming abilities you’d expect from a classic Android TV box.

Search here to find the best price for a brand new Xiaomi Mi Box.

5. MINIX Neo U9-H


Coming in last in our list of the best Android TV boxes for Kodi is the MINIX Neo U9-H. This Android TV Box is famous for its cutting-edge features and the fact that it was specifically designed for cord-cutting and streaming Kodi. It’s not the biggest and most easy to recognize name but the fact that it’s on this list shows that MINIX is not to be taken lightly. It’s a decent option that ticks all the boxes and the best part is that it’s easy to install.

Here you can find the best price for MINIX Neo U9-H​.


Well, there you have it! That’s our list of the best Android TV boxes for Kodi. We hope this article will make it easier for you to choose an option that works for you. This is while meeting the required criteria because we’ve also shown you what to look out for.

Just make sure that your TV is HDMI enabled and compatible with these devices before you purchase them. This way you can enjoy smooth, fast and uninterrupted streaming without any hiccups.

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Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
4 months ago

nothin can compare Firestik 4K and with the new update its becoming so futuristic

4 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Jenkins

have you updated?

Yasmin Quinn
Yasmin Quinn
4 months ago

love your blog, I’m new to this stuff but I get a lot of info from here. thanks 🖐 🖐

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