What is Stremio? A Comprehensive Review

What is Stremio? A question on many people’s lips – especially those who are used to more mainstream, run-of-the-mill type streaming services. Put simply, Stremio is another one of those media streaming apps. It gives users the ability to browse, organize and stream media online, such as TV shows, movies, and even things like live channels and audio/podcasts.

The reason so many users make use of it is its versatility and extensive library. It gives you access to a huge range of media from lots of different sources. Better yet, it’s compatible with almost any modern device.

Besides the ability to store your media into Stremio’s ‘centralized portal’, you can also personalize playlists and libraries. So, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be so popular. Intrigued? Good – this article will tell you everything you need to know.


stremio interface

As well as what is Stremio, potential users are also keen to hear about all it has to offer.

The following list outlines some of the features of the app itself:

• Addons

With Stremio, you can make use of addons – both official and unofficial. With the added use of these bulking out your library, your streaming capabilities are (virtually) limitless!

• Content Discovery

Stremio provides users with the ability to browse and view the latest TV shows, hit films, and even live channels. All of this is arranged in categories such as age, popularity, genre, etc. It makes it both efficient and seamless.

• High-Definition Media

Not only does Stremio provide a huge range of content, but that content itself can be watched in stunning high-definition. It gives you the ultimate immersion into your favorite films or shows.

• Media Library Organization

Have the ultimate, personalized experience by organizing your media in a way that suits you. Arrange your library of content by category, date, alphabetically, or more.

• Subtitles

Whether watching a foreign film, or just the type to want to catch every line, Stremio has subtitles for the vast majority of its media, so you won’t miss a word.

• Synchronization with One Screen

With seamless integration between devices, you can pause and pick up whenever and wherever suits you. Start watching on one device and finish on another.

• Notifications

With push notifications, you’ll be in the know-how when it comes to new releases, making sure you never miss a flick or episode.

Supported Devices

Stremio is available on all well-known platforms and operating systems, including the following:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mac
  • Linux

Attention: Read before you continue

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  • Your Country:  United States
  • Your City: Ashburn
  • Your ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.

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stremio addons

Much like other streaming platforms of a similar kind, Stremio is also compatible with a number of addons that allow its users access to even more content. This includes more films and shows, but also sports, documentaries, and live TV channels too!

Not only this, but arguably, Stremio’s greatest feature, is the ability to stream directly from torrent websites – and with no legal dilemmas to deal with. With Stremio’s addons, it’s all up to the user. You can make use of a handful of the best or try a lot of them for the ultimate media library.

Is Stremio Legal?

Not only is Stremio free, able to provide you with a huge library of content in such high quality, but it’s also completely legal… provided you use it correctly. Stremio’s official addons – Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes, to name a few – are completely legal to use through Stremio. Users still need to have an official account and go through the correct channels to access the content.

Legality does become somewhat of an issue when it comes to the unofficial addons. However, many of these provide users with copyrighted content despite not having the copyright owners’ permission to do so.

Is Stremio Free?

Absolutely! Stremio doesn’t cost its users a penny, even with all the added features you can make use of. All of Stremio’s addons are therefore free-of-charge as well, which is one of the main reasons why it’s growing so much in popularity. It’s rare that a platform offers such high-quality media without wanting users’ cash in return!

Best Stremio Alternatives

If any of this concerns you, or you’re looking for something that offers something different to Stremio, there are a few alternatives that are definitely worth checking out:

• Kodi


Kodi is without a doubt one of the most popular online streaming services out there. And with good reason! Just like Stremio, Kodi is absolutely free, as well as being compatible with all major platforms and operating systems.

It boasts a huge library of content, and with a huge amount of addons as well, you’ll never run out of things to watch. Whatever your streaming needs, Kodi won’t disappoint!

• Plex


Plex is yet another online media player and streaming service, providing a very similar experience to Stremio and Kodi as well. It’s ideal for those looking to have a particularly organized library.

It stores all your media in a single place, allowing you to access it from a range of devices, wherever and whenever suits you best. And for those looking for an even better experience, consider picking up Plex Pass for a few bucks, with more premium features for the ultimate overall experience.


What is Stremio? All in all, Stremio is a fantastic choice of platform for anyone looking to stream the latest TV and film releases, as well as the collection of live channels and other content it has to offer.

With full high-definition, subtitles on the vast majority of its content, and ease of use between its devices, it’s definitely worth trying out. And if it isn’t for you, one of the alternatives mentioned almost certainly will be!

Have you ever used Stremio before? Drop a comment below to let us know!

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Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez
1 year ago

How to install stremio

1 year ago

I used Stremio before. Yes it is very good. I ran into a problem with my internet provider threatening me to cut my service because i watch a movie on it and so now I have a vpn and have not had any problem. It scares me somewhat. I wonder if there will be a way they can get through my vpn and close out my internet. Hope not. This is our only source of tv experiance since we live out in the country.

1 year ago
Reply to  Debra

Don’t worry and enjoy it! 🙂

1 year ago

I could be mistaken but make sure you read their privacy policy in regards to who collects and what information they collect.

rick reeves
rick reeves
1 year ago

does this work with pluto tv also?

Sandra Lomax
Sandra Lomax
1 year ago

How do you get this stremio

4 months ago

I tried the VPN it slowed my speed down. I’ve never had a problem from my provider or anyone else. Ive been using stremio forever. But I love these other filelinked hacks. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

Celia Benitez
Celia Benitez
4 months ago

Hola yo ablo espańol quiero saber más de estas programaciones cómo funcionan y los canales en vivo que puedo ver

Dobbie Sloan
Dobbie Sloan
6 days ago

You say stremio is FREE but it wants to charge me £1:99 to watch an show like the good doctor that I have watched for free on other platforms




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