What is the Best TV Streaming Service for Firestick 2021?

The Firestick device gives you access to a wide variety of content. From old classic movies, newer films, to live sporting and news events, a myriad of possibilities exist as far as content goes.

However, with this impeccable diversity, it’s harder sometimes to decide what to watch. There’s no doubt that different people have different views as to what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick.

Best TV Streaming Service for Firestick

But let’s be honest, some apps are way better than others. Well, for those of you looking for a good streaming service, we have a list of the top five options just for you. Check them out below!

1. WatchYour.TV

The WatchYour.TV streaming app is available on the Amazon app store. This streaming service delivers a wide range of content, leaving you and your family fully entertained.

It’s among the list of the best streaming service for Firestick. WatchYour.TV offers various categories too including home shopping, classic TV shows and movies, classic sports, general mixed programs, and family-friendly shows.

The app is ad-supported. This means that you don’t have to pay a fee to access it. WatchYour.TV is also available across different platforms such as Android, iOS, and Web. You are also free to stream content through your iPad, tablet, or mobile phone.

What really sets WatchYour.TV apart from most streaming apps on the Firestick is the incredible variety of content. The app even has a full list of Cartoon Network programming with hundreds of titles to choose from. So, whether you’re staying home with the kids over the weekend or inviting a few friends over for some classic turbocharged racing shows, WatchYour.TV will have everything you need.

2. YouTube

Yes, YouTube is in fact a huge platform for streaming content. It’s alright if this sounds surprising. A lot of people wouldn’t have guessed it.

Make no mistake, you won’t find more content anywhere else in the world than on YouTube. The YouTube app is also available on the Amazon App store so you don’t need to use a third-party downloader to get it.

The great thing about the YouTube app on the Firestick TV is that it’s neatly categorized. It’s not like using the traditional YouTube on web where you have to search for the content you want.

With the app, the content is already curated. This is why some categories are fully dedicated to movies, TV shows, news, gaming, and others. It’s also important to note that this is an ad-supported app so everything you watch here is free.

It’s easy to underestimate YouTube in terms of content quality. And you’d probably be right. But one thing worth pointing out is that YouTube has a huge variety of videos. It’s after all the largest video hosting service in the world. But is it the best streaming service for Firestick? Well, this is something open for debate but one thing is clear, it’s definitely among the top five options out there.

So, while there’s a huge amount of boring and uninteresting content on YouTube, there’s also an equally huge amount of breathtaking and exciting videos to watch.

In essence, the only thing you need here is to know where to find these videos. For those of you who are already using the YouTube app on the Firestick, you will notice that there’s an incredible collection of A-Plus movies and TV shows there, things that you’d normally have to pay for.

Don’t also forget to check out the documentaries that may be of interest to you, animated content, and even exciting videos from popular video games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others. The only downside with YouTube is that some content may be unavailable in certain countries due to geographical restrictions.

But there’s a way around this using a reliable VPN. A VPN such as IPVanish will easily mask your location so that you can view whatever content you want. If you are still asking this question, what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick? Then you’d be better off starting with something as familiar as YouTube. It’s definitely worth your time.

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3. Plex TV

Plex TV is another free streaming service that has a huge catalog of TV shows and movies for you. It’s indeed a great option and easily makes it to our list of the best streaming service for Firestick. The app also has a very nice user interface that allows you to navigate through your content with ease. Plex is ad-supported. But there’s a premium option for those of you who would like to pay for extra features and extra content.

However, even without a paid subscription, Plex is still by far one of the best streaming services for Firestick. You will, however, need to register for a free account before using Plex. But this isn’t something to worry about. It only takes a minute or two to get it over with. What we really love about Plex is that it goes out of its way to give you all the information you need about a movie or a TV show. For instance, when you click on a title, it doesn’t directly jump to streaming.

Plex navigates you to a page where you get to see details about the movie. This includes things like the synopsis, the genre, duration, and others. You will even get a trailer in there too. This is important for one simple reason. It makes it easier for you to have a feel about what you’re watching and eventually, this will help you sieve through the mountain of content and only focus on titles that interest you.

Plex also tries to categorize the content in broad sections so that it’s easier to find something to watch. For instance, there are rows of “Recently Added” movies, “Most Popular”, “Plex picks”, and others. You also get the option to add a movie to your Watchlist or to mark it as “Watched.” The user interface is just so easy to use.

There are also no geographical restrictions on content plus you also get movies and shows from different countries and different languages. Once again, if you’re still struggling with the question of what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick, then check out Plex TV and your search will be over.

4. Fawesome.TV

Fawesome.TV is also an ad-supported streaming service that’s available on the Amazon App store. The app, just like the other three we have listed above, has a massive collection of content for you. It also comes with a very simple user interface with all shows already pre-categorized for you.

On the left of your screen, you will see a menu there featuring categories such as “Recently Added”, “Family” and others. But it doesn’t just end there. You also get the option to browse the content on the app by the year.

So, if you’re really in the mood for shows or movies that go way back, you can just click for example 1957 and see what Fawesome.TV has to offer. But in case you don’t want to search by year, you can peruse through the content alphabetically.

Nonetheless, Fawesome.TV makes things way easier for you with a search tool below. This works great if you have any specific shows or movies that you’d like to search. And just like Plex TV, Fawesome.TV also gives you a detailed description of each title before it starts playing so that you’re aware of what you’re about to watch.

But with everything said and done, what really sets the Fawesome.TV app apart is the amazing collection of family content. From cartoons, family dramas, and family-friendly movies, the app is great for people who have kids and don’t want to spend too much money paying for cable or other paid streaming services.

Additionally, the content available on Fawesome.TV cuts across all years. There’s a little bit of both modern and classic content to check out when you’re there. Be sure to also check out a fully dedicated category on book adaptions on the platform, fantasy-inspired shows, and movies too.

5. The Roku Channel

Well, I’m sure this comes as a surprise for most people because it’s assumed that you must have a Roku device to access this platform. Actually, you don’t. Roku has done well to open up the channel to other devices and luckily, you can access this service from your Firestick TV without any issues. The interface on the Roku channel is very interesting.

The moment you start scrolling down the channel, the first row that appears features all the categories of content available. These categories are listed horizontally so that you can immediately click any content of interest without having to scroll down to the bottom.

In most streaming apps, you will notice that the name of the category is listed first and then the shows and movies follow under it. This means that if you’re using a streaming service with a wide range of categories, you will need to scroll way down just to access the content that you want. This affects the overall user experience negatively.

With the Roku channel, categories come horizontally listed. So, you just need to look through and click the category you want before scrolling. There are also several categories in there that are completely out of the box. While you still get the typical action, adventure, fantasy categories, there are others dedicated to fashion, summer travel, cooking, and so much more.

The channel also prioritizes new content. In essence, recently added movies and shows will appear first in the interface. For all of you who are still asking what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick? Then you will have a great experience using the Roku channel. The channel also lets you stream content on HD and Ultra HD.

How to Get These Apps

We hope that the question what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick was answered clearly with the extensive discussion above.

What now follows is simple. How do I get these apps? They are after all in the list of the best streaming service for Firestick so it’s understandable that a lot of people would be keen on what they have to offer. The good news is that these apps are all legally available on the Amazon App store.

The only thing you need to do is go to the App store, search any of them, click it, and hit install. Once the app finishes installing, hit the home button on your remote and it will be available for use. It’s also important to note that these apps are official free streaming apps.

They are not created by third-party companies and they come backed with superb server capabilities and excellent support. It’s therefore highly unlikely you will experience lag or any other issues once you’re using them.


It takes a lot of research and sometimes trial and error to figure out what is the best TV streaming service for Firestick out there.

After all, there seems to be a lot of variety to choose from and very little information that helps you decide which apps to use. Well, you can rest assured that you won’t have any problems with the apps above. Our list is based on extensive research.

We have tried and tested these apps, installed them on the Firestick, and used them for some time. We believe they are the best streaming service for Firestick. What other apps are you using to stream on your devices? What is the experience so far? Do you agree with our list or are there a few additions and omissions you’d like to see?

Feel free to leave us a comment here below and as always, if you have questions about your Firestick device, we will be glad to help you out.


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