YTS to Settle Movie Piracy Lawsuit and Pay $150K

YTS, one of the most popular pirate sites online, has dealt with a movie piracy lawsuit in the previous year. Many filmmakers have considered this website a thorn, which is why they have decided to bring the case to court.

These lawsuits have been really damaging to some pirate sites, but YTS seems to be handling it differently. They managed to settle their dispute against Wicked Nevada last week. They came up with the same agreement as with HB Productions, which is behind the famous movie Hellboy.

Stipulated Consent Judgment

A recent filing submitted at Hawaii’s Federal Court reveals that both YTS and HB Productions agreed to a consent judgment. According to the order that was signed by Alan Kay, the judge of the US District Court, this agreement immediately puts an end to the movie piracy lawsuit.

Senthil Vijay Segaran, who is said to be behind YTS, has denied liability. However, he admitted that he is the John Doe that the complainant has mentioned on the filed lawsuit. He also admitted that most of YTS users are sharing pirated content. Such an agreement cost the operator a hefty price. Just like with the previous settlements, he agreed to pay the compensation of $150,000 towards the producer of Hellboy.

Furthermore, the consent has also included a permanent injunction. This doesn’t allow the YTS operator to distribute torrent files that will give users access to the Hellboy movie. As a result of this case, YTS has excluded the movie from its list of content.

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Unusual Move from the Producer

It seems strange that the HB Productions decided to resolve the movie piracy lawsuit that they had filed against YTS, which is a popular torrent site. Just like with the settlements made in the past, Kerry Culpepper, the attorney who was behind the other lawsuits filed against YTS, is handling the case.

Nevertheless, since YTS remains accessible online, this is good news for the millions of users of the torrent site. However, not everyone will be happy about this. At that same time YTS and the filmmakers came up with a settlement in order to resolve their conflicts, a lawsuit on copyright infringement was also filed against YTS users.

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

oops yts

The case was merely based on the information that was obtained from YTS’s user database. For instance, there was a lawsuit that was filed against Puakailima Davis, a resident of Hawaii. According to the lawsuit, the defendant utilized a registered account that’s linked to a certain email address in order to get a hold of the torrent files coming from YTS.

It further states that the defendant has visited websites including YTS to upload and download the copyrighted work of the plaintiff. Furthermore, the complaint mentioned the time in which the defendant has logged into the website using the email address. However, it’s not really clear if this refers to the login or if it pertains to the provider of the email.

Email Address is Not Hard Evidence in Movie Piracy Lawsuits

As previously mentioned, the email address isn’t considered hard evidence. Users who signed up for an account with YTS don’t need to confirm their email. Therefore, anyone can freely sign up using random addresses. They can even use email addresses owned by some other people.

It wasn’t stated how the information was actually obtained, which has led to some speculations. But one of the most obvious scenarios is that YTS may have provided user’s information, which may be part of the agreement and negotiations. This is not really surprising since this has already happened in the past. For instance, the developer behind CotoMovies, a torrent app, has actually shared information about its users to other film companies before.

We tried to contact Kerry Culpepper, the attorney in charge, for a comment. However, he declined to. Meanwhile, YTS remains online.

Are you a YTS user? What do you think about the movie privacy lawsuit that was filed against them?

Leave us a comment down below!

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Michael Cook
Michael Cook
2 months ago

I used to be a yts user but unfortunately not anymore :/ :/

2 months ago

How can YTS still remain online after this?

Sean Freeman
Sean Freeman
2 months ago
Reply to  Diego

I’m confused too




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