How to Remove Ransomware from Your Computer

ransomware threat

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous and annoying kinds of online threats affecting Internet users today. However, it’s not impossible to protect yourself from it or even to remove it from your PC once you get infected. In fact, you can remove ransomware in all its different manifestations without getting rid of important files … Read more

Here’s How to Enable Ransomware Protection in Windows Defender

windows defender

Windows Defender is steadily gaining traction and for good reasons. However, it doesn’t come without its flaws even though it’s part of the latest Windows 10 operating system. For instance, Ransomware Protection is automatically disabled despite the fact that it’s in the same Windows 10, the 1709 version. So you should enable ransomware protection. Most … Read more

What Are the Current Trends in the Ransomware Protection Market?

ransomware trends

We all know that email is one of the main vehicles for ransomware distribution around the world. This is why global ransomware protection focuses on email protection specifically. It all started with the major ransomware attack in the form of the WannaCry malware back in May 2017. This malware infected 100,000 computers across 150 countries. … Read more

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