Cheap and Effective Ways to Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online

Can you imagine a world where you wouldn’t go online? It’s tough, right? We can’t either. The internet is used every day for so many actions. Looking up the weather, directions, streaming music, watching movies, chatting to friends. And it’s used at work too, sending files, emails, instant messaging, video chats; it’s a major part … Read more

Online Privacy: The Ultimate Guide

online data

We all know that online privacy is paramount whether you’re surfing the net, doing online shopping or posting something on social media. The last thing you want is to have some organization or hacker watching your online activity as that would compromise your privacy and security. It’s important to safeguard one’s online privacy to prevent … Read more

How to Prevent Amazon from Monitoring Your Behavior

alexa is listening

In response to customer feedback, Amazon has released a privacy setting update for its Fire TV and Firestick devices. Based on our findings, we thought we’d share some insight on what these updates mean for you as a customer. Basically, when you enter into the Fire TV “settings” or “preferences” menu, you’ll find two areas … Read more

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