Facebook App Developers Leak User Data on Cloud Servers

Facebook has been dealing with a number of privacy breaches in recent months and it seems another one could be brewing. New reports indicate that app developers on the platform may have left hundreds of millions of user records exposed on cloud serves. According to research from security firm UpGuard, much of these records came … Read more

Facebook Privacy Issues Surface Again So Be Careful

Facebook is full of controversies and governments and users have criticized it several times in the past for a wide variety of concerns, including Facebook privacy issues. Now, the company has to deal with a fresh controversy. This is regarding claims that Facebook has access to personal data coming from third-party apps. This comes after … Read more

Facebook Database Leak: What is Happening with the Data of 419 Million Users?

In a revelation that shocked users, Facebook admitted that it had stored millions of Instagram passwords in a plain online text. Ever since, the tech giant has been trying (unsuccessfully) to put out fires and convince everyone that the Facebook database leak isn’t what it seems. They tried to blame a “technical flaw” on a … Read more


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