What is a VPN exactly?

wall full of cameras with two girls watching

What is a VPN? VPN, stands for Virtual Private Network, is a service that enables users to browse the Internet with complete privacy and security. A VPN will encrypt your data then route your connection through a server that prevent your ISP (Internet Service Provider), hackers, and the government from seeing your content – all without … Read more

Police Target Thousands of IPTV Subscribers

IPTV subscribers

IPTV subscribers are once again under fire from Italy’s Guardia di Finanza. Guardia Di Finanza is notorious for cracking down on the distributors and users of pirated content. This includes everything in the form of live sports, TV shows and movies that are provided by unscrupulous subscription services. This is in addition to targeting the … Read more

Movie Companies Sue Torrent Users

movie companies sue torrent users

Over the last few years, torrenting has become increasingly popular, in tandem with the increased prevalence of online video streaming. But, we’re also seeing movie companies sue torrent users for the illegal use of their copyrighted content. That’s because torrenting websites like YTS can be utilized for free without even the need to register an … Read more

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