Xiaomi Mi TV Stick vs Amazon Fire TV Stick: Which Should I Buy?

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

In recent years, the number of people opting for cord-cutting has increased exponentially. Paying cable bills and still watching limited content is just not acceptable anymore. The great news is that several devices have emerged to help anybody access a huge variety of content without paying monthly cable bills or subscriptions. The Amazon Fire TV … Read more

Update Firestick Now! New Feature!

Update Firestick

Newsflash! There’s a new Firestick update that we highly recommend you definitely check out as soon as possible. Amazon Fire TV and Firestick keeps on updating its services to ensure that you have the best streaming experience possible. Amazon has recently launched a big Firestick update. So read on to find out what is new … Read more

Nvidia Shield TV Tips and Tricks


The age of the Internet has changed a lot of things, including how we consume content. A few decades back, you had to buy a TV, get cable, and pay huge monthly bills just to watch a few shows every week. But the Internet has changed all this. With the rise of streaming platforms like … Read more

Increase VPN Speed in 2020

Increase VPN Speed

VPNs have become increasingly popular today. Most people spend time online connected to the Internet via VPN whether on their computers or TV streaming devices such as Firestick and NVIDIA Shield. A reliable VPN such as IPVanish provides an easy and practical way to unlock censored or geo-blocked content. This is all while maintaining your … Read more