How to Install VIPRE Security on Mac OS

how to install Vipre security on Mac OS

Cybersecurity is now a huge industry. As people continue to use the Internet at rates never seen before, the need to develop quality security solutions that protect them from malicious attacks has never been bigger. Over the years, some cybersecurity companies have dominated the industry. Companies like McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, and others have become household … Read more

Antivirus Spying: Is It Actually a Thing?

Antivirus Spying

A joint investigation reports by the publications Motherboard and PCMag revealed that Avast has been collecting and selling user data. This includes browsing history, to third parties for profit. This is yet another of many incidents involving antivirus spying. It makes sense when you think about it. At the end of the day, there’s no … Read more

20 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Away

dangerous android apps

A team of researchers from ESET (Enjoy Safer Technology) has discovered many dangerous Android apps in Play Store. These apps contain harmful adware that can drain your device’s battery life. Furthermore, they also have the potential to use your Internet data and harvest personal information without your knowledge. According to one of the researchers, all … Read more

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