How to Install VIPRE Security on Mac OS

Cybersecurity is now a huge industry. As people continue to use the Internet at rates never seen before, the need to develop quality security solutions that protect them from malicious attacks has never been bigger.

Over the years, some cybersecurity companies have dominated the industry. Companies like McAfee, Symantec, Kaspersky, and others have become household names in the antivirus space.

However, VIPRE Security, a Florida-based firm with a strong history of producing top of the line cybersecurity solutions is making a name for itself and going to outperform these big-name players. Our post today is going to look at how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS.

We do this because we believe that even though this antivirus doesn’t have massive name recognition, it’s the best security solution you can choose for your Mac and other devices.

You will understand why later in this post but first, let’s look at the installation procedure.

Installing VIPRE Security on Your Mac

As we’ve noted above, the core part of this post is how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS.

For this reason, we have listed a few steps below for you to follow:

1. Go to the Official VIPRE site and download the installer to your Mac.

download now VIPRE

2. When the installer has finished downloading, double click it.

downloaded Vipre package mac

3. An installation screen appears. Hit continue.

VIPre on Mac OS

4. On the next step, you will see the License screen where the End User Agreement will be detailed.

VIPRE License

5. If you agree with the terms click “I Agree” and move to the next step.

Agree VIPRE Advanced Security

6. The installer will now prompt you to select the drive or storage space where you intend to install the software.

Install VIPRE Advanced Security

7. Select the destination folder and hit the INSTALL button.

VIPRE Installation Type

8. Go to “Install Software”

Install VIPRE software

9. The process will take a few second and when it’s done, you will get a notification telling you “The installation was successful”

VIPRE installed on Mac

10. Hit Finish and you’re good to go.


As you can see from the steps above, how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS is very easy.

But other than that, VIPRE also has one of the most user-friendly designs you’ll see of any antivirus software. This is one of the few antivirus software solutions that simply does its job.

It doesn’t come with many unnecessary features that just confuse people. To put this into perspective, VIPRE has a streamlined front page and just three menu items.

The antivirus also offers one-button scanning, making it one of the easiest to use antivirus solutions we have seen in a long time.

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The VIPRE Security suite offers holistic cybersecurity protection, including a firewall that keeps any malicious connections at bay. You get live web protection and very effective spam filters as well.

However, what we loved about this software is the fact that it allows you to customize scans. You can adjust various scan options so that the software targets specific files and directories that may be more vulnerable than others.

VIPRE security also offers real-time web protection that helps to secure your surfing and all Internet activities. And then there’s ID protection.

This is perhaps one of the most advanced anti-spy features in this software because it monitors your microphone and webcam to ensure they cannot be activated remotely.


The VIPRE Security antivirus software gives you three scanning options. We have talked a bit about the custom option above.

This allows you to change scanning options so that the antivirus software focuses on certain specific files and directories. But there are two more scanning options which include the quick scan and the deep scan.

Deep scans are more thorough and would dig deep into your files with more scrutiny. As a result, they take relatively longer. But it’s advised that you do at least one deep scan each week.

And then there’s the quick scan which takes a few minutes but it’s still important. VIPRE Security also lets you set the scanning schedule.


As we have already hinted above, you won’t find an easier software to use than this one. Even on how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS, the app is so easy. But there’s more. First, the software gets regular automatic updates.

You also get a series of intuitive client tools and comprehensive all-round protection. These features combine to make sure that you get that “set-and-forget” protection that’s stress-free.

You won’t even notice the software is running in the background. But you’ll be protected all the time.


In addition to the malware protection suite, VIPRE security also has a series of add-ons that are worth noting.

The first one is a secure file eraser that allows you to safely delete files permanently. You also get a history cleaner that hides your tracks online.

VIPRE security has an innovative Social Watch tool. This tool is designed to monitor your social media account and alert you in case of any suspicious activity.

A webcam and microphone blocker are also part of the package plus you get safe storage solutions, a tracking blocker to protect yourself from tracking cookies, and so much more.


VIPRE Security also offers comprehensive US-based support to all customers.

You get a lot of resources on forums and knowledge bases about how to install VIPRE Security on Mac OS and other VIPRE-related topics. The only downside we noted here is that VIPRE doesn’t have live chat support.


VIPRE Security may be a small cybersecurity company from Florida but it has a very strong pedigree in this space.

The security solutions offered by the company aren’t only effective but they are so user-friendly even your grandma can use them. VIPRE security is available for a wide range of devices including Mac, Android, Windows etc.

Nonetheless, we would love to hear about your experience using this software. Let us know in the comments what you like most about it and how it differs from most traditional antivirus software out there.


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