Smart TVs Collect Data According to Recent Studies

smart tv data

Smart TVs have changed the way we view our favorite shows. Not only do they offer fantastic picture quality, but with integrated apps, Wi-Fi and streaming services, they’re the dream when it comes to home entertainment. But they’re not without their drawbacks. A study conducted by Princeton University in the US has concluded that many … Read more

20 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Away

dangerous android apps

A team of researchers from ESET (Enjoy Safer Technology) has discovered many dangerous Android apps in Play Store. These apps contain harmful adware that can drain your device’s battery life. Furthermore, they also have the potential to use your Internet data and harvest personal information without your knowledge. According to one of the researchers, all … Read more

How to Use Recoverit Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Files


There is a reason why data recovery software programs have become quite popular today. The reason is probably because there are numerous ways anyone can lose data in today’s fast-paced life. Technology has also made it possible to delete any type of data. This includes everything from photos, videos, and documents with a single click. … Read more

6 Apps with Malware You Should Get Rid of Immediately


There are many malicious apps available online lately. These apps with malware affect the productivity of your device and can even kill its functionality. Adware is dangerous to your business because it interrupts you when you are in the middle of your workflow. It can crash your device, drain battery power faster than normal, and … Read more

How to Prevent Amazon from Monitoring Your Behavior

alexa is listening

In response to customer feedback, Amazon has released a privacy setting update for its Fire TV and Firestick devices. Based on our findings, we thought we’d share some insight on what these updates mean for you as a customer. Basically, when you enter into the Fire TV “settings” or “preferences” menu, you’ll find two areas … Read more

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