Is PayPal Safe? Here’s How to Use It in a Safe Way

PayPal is one of the most widely used money transfer tools worldwide. Perhaps this is because it’s one of the oldest and therefore people assume that it’s the most reliable as well. But, there have been questions about the safety of using PayPal as online security becomes a growing concern for all of us.

So, is PayPal safe? Well, it’s pretty safe to use PayPal’s basic services and you can still link your accounts without breaking a sweat.

But, you should also ask yourself what your safety concerns really are about.

  • Most people are more comfortable with using PayPal to pay for stuff than they are using their actual bank account information. That’s because PayPal is easy to use and quite safe too.
  • PayPal is a low-risk way to accept online payments as an online seller. But it’s not without its problems in this regard.
  • Sending money through PayPal is one of the fastest ways to make sure the money gets to its intended destination. But this also opens a gap for scammers who ask for money through this platform.

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Is PayPal Safe for Buyers?

It’s pretty safe to send money via PayPal but there’s a fair amount of risk involved. There’s always a chance of experiencing a data breach or a spontaneous glitch. However, PayPal is reliable enough to offer guarantees when it comes to consumer protection and security.

• Data Security

The PayPal website features the latest encryption technology. All you need to ensure safety is to use the actual PayPal website. It’s worth noting that the security measures put in place by PayPal are the same as those used by large financial service providers. In fact, PayPal even offers financial rewards to individuals known as “white hat” hackers who are really good at identifying and overcoming vulnerabilities.

• Protection Layers

Is PayPal safe for online shopping? Well, the risk you assume when using PayPal is tantamount to the risk you take when you pay with a check or your credit card during an online transaction. It’s relatively easy for most thieves to access your personal check and bank account information by looking at your routing number.

In fact, it’s safe to say that PayPal is safer than using your bank account information or credit card numbers for online transactions. That’s because PayPal safely stores your financial data so that you don’t have to keep revealing it to different websites. PayPal acts as a buffer in this regard. So if you happen to fall for any online scam, it’s easy to just change your card number or password. You don’ t have to cancel your card and go through all that hassle.

How to Buy in a Safe Way

It’s very important for you to keep your financial and personal data safe at all times. This is how you do it:

  • Update security and other types of software in your mobile devices and computers
  • Refrain from making financial transitions when connecting through Wi-Fi and this goes for your PayPal account as well. If you’re out of your house and not connected to your home network, rather use your mobile data instead.
  • Have a computer or laptop that you use just for financial transactions and nothing else.
  • Try using a credit card instead of a direct bank transfer or debit card when making online transactions.
  • As a rule, don’t click on any links inside emails that are from PayPal, your bank, or any other banking institution.

Fraud and Disputes

What can you do if you pay for an item that never gets delivered or someone spends your PayPal balance?

• Buyer Protection

With PayPal Buyer Protection program, you must report the fraudulent transaction immediately. Buyer Protection allows you to reverse charges as well when a seller doesn’t deliver.

• Funding Method

Always use a credit card to complete your PayPal transactions instead of an instant transfer from PayPal or your debit card. That way, you can dispute a fraudulent transaction with your credit card provider if it doesn’t work with PayPal. Plus, your credit card doesn’t have any connection to your bank account so this saves you from getting hacked and losing all your funds while trying to fix the situation.

However, PayPal is still the safest way to pay from stuff online when compared to using your debit card or a Western Union account.

You can increase PayPal safety even further by using a Virtual Private Network whenever you connect online. A good pick would be IPVanish because they’ll protect you with end-to-end encryption technology and many servers to hide your location, browsing history and identity.

Is PayPal safe? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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