Bought a Streaming Box? What Are the Dangers?

streaming box

Kodi box users have come under fire recently from the law. This is because of copyright infringements that have set off a full-fledged investigation into the streaming app. According to the CEO of FACT, or the Federation Against Copyright Theft, the sad part of this investigation is that the authorities will probably end up arresting … Read more

How to Unblock Websites

website censorship

Whether it’s a government or corporation that’s trying to prevent its people from seeing certain content, or an internet service provider that’s trying to limit user access to certain websites for copyright infringement reasons, website blocking is a frustrating phenomenon. The good news is that you can unblock websites with a VPN, granted that you … Read more

How to Avoid Data Theft

data theft

As the name implies, data theft happens when someone steals private information that they’re not supposed to have access to. Hackers, scammers, and other third-party snoopers are usually to blame for this practice. The most common types of information that people steal include login credentials, health records, bank account details, etc. Online criminals can use … Read more


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