Amazon Prime Video to Release Free to Me Filter

Not everything in Amazon Prime is accessible to all users, which is why you need a free to me filter. It can be annoying to spend time browsing all the videos and content in Amazon Prime only to find out in the end that the content you want requires you to pay.

To resolve this issue, Amazon came up with a new feature. This feature can filter all videos and content that can be viewed by users for free.

Amazon Prime New Features

There’s no doubt that Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services right now. Offering a huge catalog of films and shows, Amazon Prime also produces its own original content.

In order to lure new customers and keep their existing customers, Amazon is constantly improving its service. So, it’s not surprising to find new features in the streaming service from time to time. For instance, Amazon Prime Video now has a smart download feature similar to Netflix. Although the smart download feature is not live yet, Amazon has started rolling out new updates on other features. This includes the Top Actors feature.

Most Talked Features

According to online reports, Amazon Prime’s latest version is now in Play Store. It already comes with the latest features that Amazon has added to the app. These include Top Actors, a feature that will allow you to follow some of your favorite actors. So, every time these actors have a new show or movie on Amazon Prime, you will get a notification about it.

But the most talked-about feature that Amazon Prime has added recently is the free to me filter. If you enable this feature, it will filter the content of Amazon Prime. It will only display the content that’s free for you to watch. This will certainly save you time since you no longer need to browse through the thousands of movies and TV shows only to find out that the thing you want to watch will cost you money.

However, this filter is not a core feature just yet as it’s not showing on all devices, just like the Top Actors filter. But Amazon Prime users are hoping that these features will soon become a permanent addition. Perhaps, Amazon is just slowly rolling them out to their users to see their reaction and study their viewing habits.

Some users want Amazon to integrate smart downloads to the Amazon Prime app too. If this feature is enabled, it will work in the same way as Netflix. The next episode of the show you’re watching will be automatically downloaded so you can watch it immediately. This is indeed a smart and convenient feature that will surely appeal to avid Prime users.

What Comes with Amazon Prime Video?

When you sign up for an Amazon Prime membership, you’ll get access to a huge library of shows and movies in various categories, from classic films to romantic comedies. You will also get access to a handful of award-winning original content from Amazon, as well as the exclusive Prime series.

The Premium membership will also get you access to High Dynamic Range and 4K Ultra HD videos, as well as mobile downloads that will allow you to watch content offline.

Prime Video Originals

Prime Originals are those award-winning and critically acclaimed programming exclusives made for Prime members. These include The Grand Tour, The Marvelous, and more. There are also kids series such as Just Add Magic, Tumble Leaf etc. Now that there’s the free to me filter, browsing through Prime Originals to look for content that’s free for you to watch will become much easier.

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Original Movies from Amazon

Amazon’s original movies feature an exclusive lineup of movies and films that are made available to Prime members after being released in theaters. These include award-winning films, such as The Salesman and Manchester by the Sea.

There’s also The Big Sick, which was nominated in the Academy Awards. Some of the Amazon Original films that are available currently on Prime are Paterson, The Dressmaker, The Wall, Lost City of Z, Landline, and many more.


Indeed, there are lots of great features to look forward to with Amazon Prime. But perhaps, the best feature that Amazon has introduced so far is the free to me filter.

This makes browsing through the app so much easier for all users. As an Amazon Prime member, what do you think of this new feature? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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