20 Most Dangerous Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Away

dangerous android apps

A team of researchers from ESET (Enjoy Safer Technology) has discovered many dangerous Android apps in Play Store. These apps contain harmful adware that can drain your device’s battery life. Furthermore, they also have the potential to use your Internet data and harvest personal information without your knowledge. According to one of the researchers, all … Read more

Smart Home Cyber Security: Are You Safe?

smart home security

Smart devices have become crucial today. Every place we go, there’s a smart device. The integration of these devices into daily human activities means we have reached a point where we can’t live without them. But interconnected smart devices also pose several cybersecurity threats. So, we should take measures to ensure smart home security for … Read more

How to Prevent Amazon from Monitoring Your Behavior

alexa is listening

In response to customer feedback, Amazon has released a privacy setting update for its Fire TV and Firestick devices. Based on our findings, we thought we’d share some insight on what these updates mean for you as a customer. Basically, when you enter into the Fire TV “settings” or “preferences” menu, you’ll find two areas … Read more