Amazon to Release New Firestick Interface

We all know Amazon, the online store that provides you with anything you want to buy. All come at affordable prices and brings it to you on your doorstep, wherever you are in the world.

They are expanding their reach and finding new ways to be available to everybody and on all devices. They plan to accomplish this with the new Firestick interface they are introducing to Firestick and Fire TV devices.

Amazon released their Firestick Lite and 3rd gen Fire TV Stick in 2020. They told us that they were going to release an improved and much better version.

One of Amazon’s defining features is its passion for improvement and evolution. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their products and produce the best of what they have to offer.

The new improvements that they are making to the Fire TV devices are epic. It may take some time before it’s complete.

When Will the New Firestick Interface Be Released?

This new Firestick interface will first be available to the latest versions of the Fire TV devices, i.e., the 3rd gen Fire TV Stick and the Firestick Lite. After that, it will be available for older versions. The new interface is something big and will surpass Firestick users’ expectations. Some of us just need to be a little patient.

The interface we used currently was released four years ago. It’s a very effective interface and has allowed us to accomplish a lot, so you can imagine how amazing the new Firestick interface will be.

If you’re yet to own one of the Firestick devices, you need to get one today so that you can start enjoying the amazing things Amazon has to offer you.

Attention: Read before you continue

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  • Your Country:  United States
  • Your City: Ashburn
  • Your ISP: Amazon Technologies Inc.

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What Does the New Firestick Interface Offer?

fire tv interface 2020

If you’re wondering how the new Firestick interface is different from the existing one, we’re going to shed some light on that so you’ll see what you can enjoy.

With the new interface, library, find the page, and other features are on separate tabs. You can find these tabs on the navigation menu. The library tab allows you to view content that you’ve saved, and the find page allows you to locate anything on your device with ease. It’s much easier for you to discover new movies, shows, sports, news, and other services online.

The new Firestick interface has upgraded the Alexa AI feature of the Fire TV devices, and there’s a lot more than you can accomplish using Alexa. The voice recognition of the AI is improved, and it can open your profile by hearing the voice registered to the profile.

The new interface encourages the use of more users. The number of profiles you can create has been increased. You can set up profiles for up to six people. Each profile can be set to the user’s desire; the interface makes it possible for you to customize your profile the way you want it without interfering with other existing profiles.

firestick interface new

Some updates have also been made for your convenience while streaming. Unlike the older interface, this one allows you to reduce the size of what you’re viewing, so you can do other things on your device, and what you’re watching will keep playing. It’s called the picture-in-picture mode. Also, messages no longer cover your screen. Instead, they are displayed at the bottom.

These new features make it more convenient for you to view contents without obstruction. The update is available on the Fire TV Stick Lite and 3rd gen Fire TV stick. While older versions will get it next year.

Take a look at the following video to get an even better impression of the interface update.


Amazon is dedicated to producing the best of the best. The old interface that has been around was released in 2016. The interface had its advantages, and it was good to a reasonable extent. The new interface has been in development for years now, and you can be certain that it will be amazing.

They have corrected most of the complaints that people have concerning the previous interface, and you’ll enjoy a better streaming experience.

The new interface has an improved Alexa AI that can recognize your voice and automatically opens your profile. You can also open more than one profile; it allows you to open up to six.

If this post has helped you or you still have some questions, you can leave a comment for us; we would really appreciate it.

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Gaetano Aloi
Gaetano Aloi
22 days ago

No icons for 3rd party APK’s! Will be tossing my sticks.

Last edited 22 days ago by Gaetano Aloi
22 days ago
Reply to  Gaetano Aloi

change the launcher

harold murray
harold murray
22 days ago

firesticks are hot

16 days ago
Reply to  harold murray

When u say fire sticks are hot, do you mean great to use or that it actually gets hot when in use. Mine gets warm to hot. Since it isn’t vented to release heat and let cool air be in, I use a small quiet fan which keeps the f.s. stick cool over long hours of use.

22 days ago

I haven’t updated as of now. From TDUK I’ve learned of Wolf tv launcher and debloatware and that’s all I use. It also shows how manage apps and screen.

22 days ago

How do we change the default layout of home screen. We only watch movies, can we move this so it’s next to home.

21 days ago

New interface is awful! Is there a way to revert back to the old interface?

Ramon Lugo
Ramon Lugo
21 days ago

Did the update when it came out few months ago. And mow it won’t connect to the internet. I have the 4K firestick

James Harvey
James Harvey
13 days ago

Downloader won’t allow me to get filelinked. Getting error message to check url and connection. Any suggestions?

12 days ago
Reply to  James Harvey




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