Top 10 Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits

Most of us live in a world of convenience where we expect everything to happen instantaneously. But, that convenience often comes at a price. For instance, while most streaming services offer a world of entertainment, they also require frequent payment. Hidden Amazon Prime benefits are an example of this. But most people are fine with paying the price, so long as it means that they’ll get the latest benefits at their fingertips.

An Amazon Prime annual membership costs $12.99 per month as of this writing. It comes with hidden Amazon Prime benefits like unlimited access to Prime Video, exclusive deals and free two-day shipping. Travelers get the most out of this deal because it comes with frequent flyer points, photo storage, last-minute delivery, and other relevant perks.

Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits

If you want to get in on the Amazon Prime action as an avid traveler, read below for a list of benefits and perks you can get from this service.

1. Discounted Memberships for Students and Family

At this point, you’re probably itching to become a part of Amazon Prime. Who wouldn’t after reading about all of those amazing perks? We suggest you start with their discounted membership services such as Prime Student and Amazon Family.

The latter has a $119 annual membership with a 30-day free trial. It allows you to enjoy shared family benefits through multiple user accounts. Amazon Family also offers you the FreeTime Unlimited subscription service which is geared towards children’s entertainment. It also offers discounts and specials on diapers and household products.

A Prime Student membership, on the other hand, costs $59 a year and there’s a free six-month trial available as well. This is in addition to a dedicated student page on Amazon Prime with college-specific offers.

2. Prime Photos

Amazon Prime members also have access to Amazon Photos which gives you unlimited photo storage. This is ideal for keeping all of your holiday snaps safe as you island-hop or jet-set around the world.

The best part is the service organizes your photos for you. As a Prime member, you’ll get an extra 5G of free storage on Amazon Drive. You can use this extra space to keep all of your pictures, videos, documents, and other files.

3. Offline Downloads

Another one of the hidden Amazon Prime benefits is the option to download TV shows and movies for offline viewing. This feature is available on the Amazon Video app.

To access this feature, simply go to the Amazon Video app, check the Library icon, click on “Refine” and then “On Device.” Once that’s done, all of your downloads will automatically go to the app’s download folder. You can watch them at your own convenience straight from the movie or TV show page.

4. Prime Now

Free two-day shipping is a standard feature of any Prime membership. However, most people don’t realize that depending on where you are, you can push this to free same-day delivery too. Because it’s accessible in 10,000 cities around the world, this is a great feature for travelers.

With Prime Now, you can enjoy last-minute shopping or get specific items delivered to your hotel room in a jiffy. In some areas, Prime also offers in-car, in-garage, and even in-home deliveries courtesy of Amazon Key.

5. Amazon Credit Cards

Amazon Prime perk is all about helping its customers save at every turn. That’s why the company offers its exclusive line of credit cards called Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and The Amazon Prime Store Card.

With the Visa card, you get 5% off everything you buy on Amazon and Whole Foods, and a further 2% off anything purchased at certain drugstores, gas stations and restaurants. The best part is there are no annual fees to pay.

Travel benefits offered by the card include travel accident insurance, baggage delay insurance and you’ll be exempt from paying foreign transaction fees.

As for the Store card, it comes with such perks as getting 5% off any Whole Foods or Amazon purchases. There’s no annual fee involved.

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6. Exclusive Deals

As an Amazon Prime member, you’ll get access to loads of daily, travel-related products and deals.

This includes Prime Early-Access Deals, also referred to as Lightning Deals as well as Prime Exclusives. There’s even a two-day shopping event dedicated to Prime members. It’s known as Prime Day and offers truly exclusive deals.

Amazon Elements is another great service that’s limited to items like vitamins and baby wipes. But, the intention behind it is to develop better products based on customer feedback. As a traveler, this means you’ll have access to the best, most high-performing products so you don’t have to fill your suitcase with several mediocre ones.

Amazon Prime members also get exclusive discounts at While Foods such as an extra 10% off on specials and sale items.

7. Prime Music and Video

Amazon Prime members can now stream an unlimited amount of music, ad-free on Amazon Music. You’ll have over two million songs (and counting) to choose from and get discounts for Amazon Music Unlimited.

Then there’s Prime Video Streaming which offers access to original Prime TV shows and movies like The Man in the High Castle and Manchester by the Sea. Of course, you can still watch The Sopranos and Mr. Robot, but who could resist the overflowing library of content offered by Prime Video?

8. JetBlue

If you’re a JetBlue passenger, then you’ll get three True Blue points for any in-flight Amazon purchase.

Keep in mind that this offer is only for a select number of products such as Amazon Fresh and Kindle product lines.

9. Prime Reading

Amazon Prime customers get full, free access to Prime Reading. This means you can go through the whole Harry Potter series and The Handmaid’s Tale without ever paying a cent.

The great thing about this feature is that it gives you access to thousands of free magazines and books, which you can download for offline reading on any of your devices. Once you’ve signed up for your Amazon Prime membership, make sure to download at least one book from this feature before you board any flight.

It’s worth noting that Prime members also get discounts on Amazon Audible’s audiobooks.

10. Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime has created yet another innovative service for its customers called Prime Pantry which offers free door-to-door delivery for household items that are purchased on the platform. This service also comes with its own unique discounts and coupons which apply to hundreds of different items.

Should you wish to schedule a delivery while away from home, simply use Amazon Fresh. This is the platform’s very own grocery delivery service.

Have you tried Amazon Prime yet? If so, what was your experience with the hidden Amazon Prime benefits? Let us know in the comments section below!


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