Amazon Postpones Prime Day During Coronavirus

The renowned “Prime Day” event that Amazon organizes for their customers each summer will no longer be holding at the usual time. This is because we cannot have Prime Day during coronavirus. This is one amongst several other events that are being postponed globally. Due to this change of plans, the company is bound to make a loss of several million dollars.

Without much affirmation from Amazon itself, some research into their present affairs have shown that cloud computing sales are on the verge of going down.

One can start to deduce what measures Amazon is putting in place to ensure survival during these times; you can take a guess from the feedback left by the company’s general counsel, after the recent employment-termination of a staff member.

As expected of several business organizations around the world, Amazon is taking steps to deal with the threats posed by this recent pandemic. In fact, the situation has left some of the company’s workers scared for their lives and protesting.

No Prime Day During Coronavirus

At this point, we can be sure that there won’t be Prime Day during coronavirus. Although from past years, the event has been noted to hold during the month of July.

The postponement of Prime Day would obstruct the proposed sales of several items from Amazon. Another group of sellers who would suffer from this postponement are those who use Amazon as an avenue to make sales.

Information gotten from Amazon’s David Zapolsky has revealed that the company is expecting to lose several millions of dollars as an effect of the postponed Prime Day event. Losses may range from $100 to $300 million.

These figures mentioned above are just speculations, the real outcome of these events remain uncertain.

Data collated from past Prime Day events, like the 2019 edition, have given us an insight into how much Amazon possibly generates from the events. Prime Day 2019 lasted for 2 days and an estimated $2 billion was generated by the platform’s sellers. Amazon has also profited a lot from the annual subscription fee. This is required for anyone who wishes to be part of the Amazon Prime program.

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Cloud Risks

Several countries have received considerable support from Amazon during this difficult period. Thanks to their continued delivery of much needed items, customers in the virus stricken countries are able to cope.

Amidst this global pandemic, there have been several complaints from the company’s employees. The problem here is that these workers do not feel safe from the virus. They work in storage facilities and move around making deliveries. Recently, there have been various demonstrations by these displeased workers.

Regardless of demonstrations and demands for Amazon stations to be closed across different countries, the company has refused to be swayed. Work will continue as preventive measures like temperature monitoring and wearing of masks are being put in place.

There has also been some information about social distancing measures that will be adopted to keep employees safe at work. According to our source, these measures will be strictly imposed on the workers. Disobedience could lead to getting fired.

Social Distancing

As the postponement of Prime Day during coronavirus is being handled by the company, plans are also being made to adequately monitor the compliance of workers. This is in line with the social distancing orders. Our source has revealed that attention is being paid to data management facilities and not just Amazon warehouses.

As plans for the construction of new Amazon Web Services (AWS) centers are being threatened in Ireland, the company might want workers to adopt safety measures. This is to ensure that construction goes on as planned.

Regardless of this, the threat of the AWS constructions being suspended is quite real. Amazon workers, and even construction groups in Ireland, don’t want to continue work. As AWS might begin facing problems, general cloud sales are also being threatened by this COVID-19 pandemic.

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