How to Get the Best IPVanish Discount

You definitely need to have a VPN if you want to protect your online activities from prying eyes. It’s especially important when you’re buying something on the Internet, browsing the web, streaming content or sending emails. A good thing about VPNs is that you can deactivate them if you want to access the web with your real IP address.

A quality VPN will encrypt every activity you undertake online so nobody can access your data. You will also be able to change your IP whenever you want, changing your online location in the process as well.

Here, we will go through the steps you need to take to sign up for the IPVanish VPN subscription and take advantage of the best IPVanish discount.

We highly recommend IPVanish VPN as the best VPN service available. All IPVanish servers are owned by the company and follow a strict no log policy. Additionally the servers are blazing fast so your Internet speed won’t suffer at all which is something that you don’t get with most of the other services.

With IPVanish, you get access to a secure tunnel which will connect to a remote server. This way, all your Internet data is encrypted. Your government, ISP, or even hackers won’t be able to log your activities.

But without rock solid VPN service, this won’t be possible. Any third-party can use your data to hit you with targeted ads. With IPVanish nobody will be able to track what you do online so you’ll have peace of mind.

Let’s quickly go through how to get the best IPVanish discount available!

Get the Best IPVanish Discount

Since you are already reading this article, we made it easier for you to access the IPVanish official website through it.

1. Go directly to the IPVanish sign up form by clicking here.

2. Choose your plan! We definitely recommend the annual plan as it comes with the best discount, but feel free to choose whichever plan fits your needs best.

ipvanish plans

3. Fill in your personal details in order to create an account. A valid e-mail and a secure password are all you need to proceed to the next step.

4. IPVanish VPN offers two different payment methods – Credit Card and PayPal. Choose the one that is more convenient and easy for you to use. 

Create An Account on IPVanish

5. Enter the promotion code “BESTOFFER” to benefit from the best discount IPVanish offers at the moment. 

6. “Coupon successfully applied” is the message you should get to continue with the further steps.

IPVanish coupon

Note: The discount coupon is applied to all the three plans (monthly, quarterly, and annual)..


7. If you try click on “Pay with PayPal” (or “Pay with Credit Card”), a message will appear under the button: “Please agree with the terms and conditions above.”

IPVanish agreement box

8. Check the agreement checkboxes to agree to the automatic renewal terms and the SugarSync Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You can always stop the automatic renewal with just a short message to the IPVanish support team. They are very fast at answering all your questions and needs.

IPVanish automatic renewal terms

9. IPVanish confirms your order, sending you all the details, but it’s also needed for you to verify your email. Check the email you provided in the fourth step and click on “Verify Address.”

IPVanish email
verify email ipvanish

10. Once your account and your payment have been authorized and approved, it’s time to run IPVanish on your device.

get started with ipvanish email

11. You can use IPVanish VPN synchronized on 10 different devices. 

Check out the IPVanish installation guides linked below to install IPVanish VPN on every device you own.

If you have any difficulties following the steps we showed in this tutorial, feel free to drop us a comment with your questions. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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