Kodi 19 Matrix New Features in 2021

Kodi 19 Matrix is finally here. The Kodi 19 Matrix New Features that we have seen so far are quite outstanding too. Additionally, the new update is now seen as the “stable” version of this software. Although it comes with a slew of new features, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

For starters, the addon system for this brand-new release has been upgraded to Python 3. For this reason, most addons that you were already used to will have to be rewritten and reworked to cater to the new update. As a result, it’s likely that most third-party addons won’t work as expected with Kodi 19.

Now, this isn’t to say that these addons will never work again. But they will need to be adapted to cater for the Python 3 upgrade, something that will take a bit longer. Just to be on the safe side, hold off updating your Kodi 19 until you’re sure the new version can work with your favorite addons.

You can test out the update with different add-ons and see how it works. Only update if you know the new software caters for your addons. Additionally, if indeed your device automatically updated to Kodi 19 Matrix, simply uninstall the update and reinstall Kodi 18.9 using this guide.

There’s no doubt that the Kodi 19 Matrix New Features are very exciting and anyone would love to enjoy them right away. But it would be best to wait for a little bit more information before you update. This will help you make the most out of the update. Besides, at least you will be sure the update works with the addons that you actually use.

How to Download and Install Kodi 19 Matrix on Your Firestick

In case you’re sure that indeed the new updated version of Kodi works with your addons, it’s time to install the update. Hit the home button on your remote and head to the home screen.

Click on Settings, and scroll across to My Fire TV. Under Developer Options, make sure that Apps from Unknown Sources is turned on.

turn on apps from unknown source

After doing this, head back to your home screen. To continue this guide you need to install Filelinked on your Firestick. Click the Filelinked app and as soon as the app is fully opened, enter “11111111” and Continue.

WST Filelinked store code 11111111

You’ll be redirected into a store. Search for Kodi v19.0 “Matrix” (Latest Stable Release) and click on it.

kodi 19.0 Matrix via Filelinked

Hit Install.

Install kodi 19.0 Matrix via Filelinked

Go to Open.

open Kodi v19.0 Matrix

Choose “Open with Package installer” alternative and hit the  “JUST ONCE” or “ALWAYS” alternatives. 

open Kodi package installer

Continue with the following dialogue box.

Kodi v19.0 Matrix info

Click Allow.

allow Kodi 19 Matrix

After the software is fully installed, you should be able to open it now and enjoy the Kodi 19 Matrix.

kodi 19.0 Matrix interface

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What Are Kodi 19 Matrix New Features?

Speaking of features, the Kodi 19 update has plenty to go around. First, the audio playback has been improved massively.

There’s better metadata handling, library improvement, better displays, and so much more. You’ll also get improved matrix-inspired visualization.

Kodi 19 also has better video playback features. One thing we noticed is that the new software comes with better AV1 software decoding.

You will also love that the new update features HLG HDR and Static HDR10 playback on Windows 10 and improved OpenGL bicubic scalers. These are some of the best Kodi 19 Matrix new features on the update so be sure to try them out.

The update also does very well with Game Playback. First, integer scaling is now included to help improve viewing quality for Pixel Art games. The update also supports PlayStation Bluetooth game controllers.

You’ll also love the user interface as part of the Kodi 19 Matrix New Features. The screen looks sleeker, plus you also get better metadata displays and updated GUI controls.

Other features to note include PVR reminders, navigation, and dialog controls, performance improvements, additional home screen widgets, context menus, and so much more.

Final Thoughts

The new Kodi update is promising to offer a lot of great features. But there are some bugs that need to be addressed, especially with add-ons.

Let us know in the comments below if you have encountered any issues with the update and what you’re doing to address them. And if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them too.


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