Pluto TV Coming with 247 Free Channels and Many On-Demand Titles

If you’re a cord-cutter when it comes to streaming services, then you must be familiar with Pluto TV. The concept of cord-cutting is to try to save a few bucks on your monthly streaming subscriptions. You’re probably fine with Netflix now, but eventually, you will find yourself wanting more.

With Pluto TV, you will find a wide range of content, most of which comes from the channels you are familiar with. Even if you already have a subscription to a streaming service for live TV, you will still find it very useful. It has a well-curated layout and you can easily scroll through its content.

Available Channels

If you look into the Pluto TV guide, you will find that the channels are grouped into certain categories. You will find the usual categories like Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, etc. But there are also Internet-friendly categories like Life & Style, Geek & Gaming, and Chill Out.

You will not find the usual TV channels, although there are a few channels that are represented by their online counterparts, most especially news outlets. If you’re familiar with MSNBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and CBSN, then you will find them there.

But the CNN that they have isn’t really the full channel. Instead, it features a curated playlist of digital content made by CNN’s top reporters and anchors. The clips featured are culture and lifestyle-oriented. There are clips about the environment, climate change, as well as interviews and investigations.

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Sports Coverage

The sports coverage section of Pluto TV is less conventional, which means you won’t be able to find ESPN and other popular sports networks. Instead, you’ll find World Poker, Fight, Impact Wrestling, and the dedicated sports network, Glory Kickboxing.

DAZN is said to have signed a deal recently with Pluto TV to provide original weekly series. Plus, there is a whole lot of potential for such a partnership to expand along the way.

Entertainment Section

In Pluto TV’s Entertainment Section, you’ll find replays of documentaries and reality shows, including episodes from Thunderbirds, Dennis the Menace, and some other shows. Aside from the various channels, they also have Wipeout, a network that will only show replays of popular game shows, as well as various iterations.

The Curiosity Section of the streaming service has Docu TV, Science TV, as well as a live stream of NASA. There are also new additions, such as TV sitcoms and classic comedies. They also have a Spanish language channel, the Pluto TV Cine.

Pluto TV offers a few Internet radio stations from Dash Radio that can also be availed as a standalone service.

On-Demand Content

pluto tv on demand

Pluto TV Now has on-demand offerings too. Most of these are popular TV shows like the Discovery Channel and TLC. They update the content regularly and they promise to release new hit movies every week. The constant rotation of selections makes it hard to guess what is coming.

While the quality of content may not be on par with Netflix, Amazon, and other popular streaming services, the streaming service plans on adding bigger names which includes a distribution partnership with Sony. This deal makes it possible for Starship Troopers to become available in Pluto TV.

Recently, Pluto TV has added a few blockbuster titles, such as The Terminator. There’s also a good selection of Bond films, which include the Goldeneye and From Russia with Love. Pluto TV may not match the vast collections of Netflix, and cannot compete with its excellent cinematographic quality, but there are a few notable titles that are sure to pique your interest.

Their on-demand content is not available across all platforms and not all of it is available. But when we did a test, we found that movies and TV shows are available on-demand through the various platforms. These include Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Initially, it wasn’t available in PlayStation 4, however, recent updates have made the streaming service accessible in the gaming platform.

Given the thousands of on-demand titles and the wide variety of content on its offerings, would you be willing to give Pluto TV a try? Drop us a comment below. We love hearing from you!


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