How to Install and Use Wolf Launcher on Firestick

There are different launchers that you can use on your Amazon devices. They can help improve user experience and make it easy to navigate between different apps.

One of them is the Wolf Launcher, which is a great alternative to the default launcher. One of the best things about the Wolf Launcher is its nice, clean, and simple look.

It doesn’t have the usual clutter of Amazon sponsored adverts and even gives you a nice status bar. You can even customize its background without using any file names or moving things around. This is something that most people usually have a few issues with.

In this post, I’ll show you how to install and use Wolf Launcher on Firestick or any of your Amazon devices.

Why Use a Custom Launcher?

There are several reasons why a custom launcher is better than the default stock launcher that comes with your Amazon Fire TV or Firestick device.

Here are some of the benefits of using a custom launcher such as the newly released Wolf Launcher on your Firestick device:

  • Overall, a custom launcher gives you better user experience than the default stock launcher that comes with the device
  • A custom launcher allows you to customize your home screen better than any stock launcher can. Home screen customization lets you have all the apps you need in their right place in a more organized way.
  • A custom launcher gives you a more simplified home screen instead of the typical stock launcher’s never-ending stream of content thumbnails.
  • A good custom launcher such as the Wolf Launcher gives you a clean home screen without the usual clutter of Amazon adverts and offers that you probably will never need.

Now that you know the benefits of having a custom launcher, let me show you how to install and use Wolf Launcher on Firestick or Amazon Fire TV.

How to Get the Wolf Launcher

It’s quite possible to get and install the Wolf Launcher on your Firestick and other Amazon devices. This is without any kind of manual typing then customize it by tweaking a few things to give it the best possible performance.

One good thing about the Wolf Launcher is that you can install and use it on even older Amazon Firestick devices too.

To download the Wolf Launcher, make sure that you have enabled apps from unknown sources on your device then head over to the WST FileLinked store.

If you don’t have the FileLinked app on your Firestick yet, this guide will help you out.

After you are done with installing FileLinked on your Firestick, launch it and enter the WST code – 11111111 (eight ones) as in the photo below.
WebSafetyTips store code on Filelinked

Inside the store, search for the Tivo Wolf Launcher file.

tivo wolf launcher via wst store
Click on Install.
install wolf launcher
Go to Open and click it.
open wolf launcher

How to Launch Wolf Launcher at Startup

What you also need is the Launch on Boot app to make the Wolf Launcher run as soon as you start up your Firestick device. The Launch on Boot app allows you to select any app that you want to launch. This is when you wake up your Firestick. It’s an easy-to-use app that works perfectly. 

You can easily download the Launch on Boot file using WST FileLinked store,too. 

launch on boot via wst store
Tap on Install.
install launch on boot

Launch the app and click Open.

open launch on boot

Once you have downloaded and installed the Launch on Boot app, make sure to enable it and swipe the first toggle (Enabled). 

Also enable the third last toggle (Launch when device wakes up) to launch the preferred app when you Fire TV Stick wakes up.

Click on SELECT APP to choose the Wolf Launcher app to launch on boot.

enable launch on boot
Select the Wolf Launcher app.
launch on boot wolf launcher
Press TEST and your the Wolf Launcher app will launch in a second.
launch on boot test

Restart your Firestick or Fire TV to make sure the Launch on Boot works perfectly. Go at Settings – My Fire TV – Restart.

restart firestick

Back to the Wolf Launcher, in its default form, this launcher will have large app icons and no custom background. It will require a bit of tweaking to set up or customize everything to your liking.

How to Change the Background on Wolf Launcher

The first thing we’ll need to cover on this guide on how to install and use Wolf Launcher on Firestick is to change the background to your liking or preferred style. Go back to the Wolf Launcher by pressing the home key.

default wolf launcher

To access any of the menus or settings when you are on Wolf Launcher simply press the context key on your remote. The context key is the one with 3 lines on your remote. Once you open the Application menu, scroll down to Launcher Settings.

Wolf launcher settings

Click on the Wallpaper.

wallpaper tivo wolf launcher

The first thing you need to do after you click on Wallpaper is to turn on the Application Wallpaper option. You can then click on select Wallpaper.

wolf launcher select wallpaper
You will then be prompted to give or deny permission for the Wolf Launcher to access photos, media, and files on your device.

Go ahead and click on Allow. The good thing about Wolf launcher, unlike the Leanback launcher, is that it allows you to navigate directly to any picture that you like and select it as your wallpaper or background image.

In the next step, the launcher will direct you to your Internal Storage option. Click ok to access media on your internal storage. You can then scroll down to the Downloader folder. This is because everything you have downloaded using your Downloader is saved in this folder.

select wallpaper wolf launcher

Open the Downloads folder and select the picture you want to use as your wallpaper. Once you select your picture or image, press the home key and you’ll see the picture you selected has been loaded as your background image or wallpaper.

set wallpaper

Resizing the Apps Titles or Icons

The next thing you’ll want to do to make things look cleaner and more organized on your home screen is to resize the titles because they look too big and overshadowing your beautiful background image.

To do that start by pressing the context key, go to Launcher Settings, then to Sections. 

Section on wolf launcher

click on Applications.

application on wolf launcher
When you get to applications, you’ll see the option to Show Title. Turn Show Title off to get rid of the “Applications” title if you don’t want to see it.
wolf launcher section app

There’s also the option to change the title if you want to. You also have the sorting option which is great because it allows you to arrange the icons alphabetically from A to Z or better still sort them out by most frequently used.

wolf launcher sort apps

If you click on Most Used the titles will rearrange themselves and bring the applications you most frequently use to the top of the list.

Change the Number of Columns on the Screen

You can also customize the Wolf Launcher further by either increasing or decreasing the number of title columns shown on your home screen. To do this press the context key, go to Launcher Settings, then to Sections, and then Applications (as you did previously when changed the wallpaper). 

Wolf launcher rows height

You will see here the actual Rows and Height, which are set by default. If you want to increase or reduce the number of columns on your screen just use the slider to choose your preferred number of rows and height than press the back button twice.

If you select more rows, for example 3, and height to 0, your screen will nicer and more organized with the background image clearly visible especially if you have a larger TV or monitor. You will also be able to see more applications displayed on your home screen.

The best thing is that you will no longer be shown the usual Amazon sponsored content or adverts that many people consider as unnecessary clutter on their home screens. Things are quite simple when you know how to install and use Wolf Launcher on Firestick.

Hide Application That You Don’t Use

The Wolf Launcher also allows you to hide apps that you don’t use to just keep everything well organized on the home screen. To hide selected apps that you hardly use, just go to Settings, Launcher Settings, and click on Hidden Apps.

hidden apps on wolf launcher

From here you can choose which apps you don’t want to see or use. You will be presented with a list of all the active apps on your Firestick with the option to hide each app simply by clicking on it. When you click on an app that you want to hide, it will immediately disappear from the home screen.

Tivo wolf launcher hidden titles

If you want to see the hidden apps again, just press the context key, go to Launcher Settings, then to Hidden Apps, and enable any app that you had previously hidden. You also have the option to hide the Status Bar if you access Status Bar on Settings.

You can even turn the clock on or off and there’s also the option to show or hide the date, Bluetooth icon, and USB icon.
Status bar wolf launcher

Create Folders in Wolf Launcher

Another useful thing that you can do inside Wolf Launcher is to create folders to help you organize your applications. Folders are quite useful when you want to keep related apps together for easy access. For example, if you want to put music apps in one folder, just select a music app. Click on the context key and you will get the option to Create Folder.

wolf launcher create folder

When you click on Create Folder option, you get the option to type a name for the folder. It would be ‘My favorites’ in our case.

folder name tivo launcher

So, go ahead and type in the name. Click on Apply, and you will be given another option to password protect the folder if you so wish.

If you have certain applications that you would like to restrict access to or you may not want other people in your home to see, such as games and other applications, you can put the apps in a folder and password protect the folder.

Once you create a password for the folder just click on apply and the new folder will appear on the home screen. It will be password protected and only accessible to people who have the right password.

You can then go ahead and start moving other apps to the newly created folder as you wish. To add apps to the folder just select the app, click on context key. Scroll to folder and select Move to Folder. 

move to folder
Add the application to the selected folder (My favorite). It’s as easy as that.
my favorite folder

The password protection provides an easy and effective way to secure your important applications in your Firestick. Only those who have the password can access apps and content inside your password-protected folders.

How to Go Back to the Stock Launcher Temporarily

You may need to go back to your stock launcher for any reason. To do this just press the context key and choose the option Android Settings. This will take you back to the Stock settings.

Android settings

You can then press the back button on your remote. Go back to the stock launcher temporarily if you want to check or see something.

That is actually the fastest way of going back to your stock launcher whenever you want to. To go back to your custom Wolf Launcher just press the home key. You’ll go back to your custom launcher.

How to Get the Long Press Home Key

So how do you get the long press home key? The long press home key is quite useful for fast navigation.

You normally press for a few seconds to get the quick settings you want to go to. This is without navigating through several steps. To get the long press home key on Wolf Launcher, just press and hold the context key. Then press the home key for a second and you’ll be taken directly to the home settings.

It’s a fairly easy process that you get used to after a few attempts. Just press the context key and keeping that pressed, press the home key for a second.

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How to Go Back to the Stock Launcher Permanently

Finally, how do you go back to the stock launcher permanently?

If for any reason you want to revert back to the Firestick’s stock launcher permanently, the easiest way to do it is by uninstalling the Wolf Launcher application. This can be done on Android Settings. 

Android settings
Navigate to the Applications.
click applications
Go to Manage Installed Applications.
manage installed applications on firestick

Click on Uninstall, and after a second click on Uninstall again to confirm it.

Uninstall wolf launcher

When uninstall is complete, press the home key. You’ll be taken back to the default launcher of your Fire TV or Firestick.


The Wolf Launcher gives you a cleaner and better-organized home screen. It’s also quite easy to install and use.

And now that you know how to install and use Wolf Launcher on Firestick, why don’t you give it a try? Let us know your experience with it in the comments below. I hope you’ll like it!

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Dennis Tucker
Dennis Tucker
1 month ago

Amazon Firestick: Thank you. Everything went well EXCEPT, if I’m in Kodi, for example, and I want to go right to my Wolf Launcher home screen, when I press the home key it only takes me the the default Firestick home page. Is there a way to press the home button and go right to Wolf Launcher?

1 month ago
Reply to  Dennis Tucker

Did you use the Launch on Boot app?

Brett Wilkens
Brett Wilkens
1 month ago

I’m interested in removing bloat ware from 2nd gen fire tv,any tutorials on that?

cassandra bonds
cassandra bonds
1 month ago

Like it do you know anything about my buddy tv you think it’s good to us and how do you use screen caster and mirrors

cassandra bonds
cassandra bonds
1 month ago

Do I stop my IPVANISH and use this one I started from the beginning 2 years ago when you started us up still got

1 month ago

I’ve set the launch on start up options correctly, and when tested it works fine but the TiVo wolf app does not launch upon restarting the firestick. This is the 2nd gen stick, the first to come with the voice button on the remote.

1 month ago

Attempted to launch after restart but Amazon default launcher keeps coming on.

1 month ago

Like it but how can I get backgrounds to load on to my downloaded please.

1 month ago
Reply to  Terry

You can download images from the Downloader app. Just search for “backgrounds”, find your favorite one and hit Download.
This image you can find under the “Downloader” folder in the Wolf Launcher “Select Wallpaper” option

1 month ago

These tips & tricks are great, but it would be nice to know just how much space they take up on my device (Firestick) prior to installing them.

Robert Landau
Robert Landau
1 month ago

I really like the Wolf Launcher interface but until it’s possible to have it reappear by just pressing the home button by itself it will never fly with my family. Is there a fix for this?

1 month ago

I find when I’m using wolf launcher my apps from my usb disappear and go grey, then they are no longer available on my regular screen, if I go to settings and account and sync them they come back for awhile then go grey again.
Once I disconnected my usb stick and reinstalled them to the firestick they run fine???

8 days ago

Amazon has played around with settings and prevented some twerking on their devices effectively stopping more such as Wolf and others. Uribe channels have a couple of newly developed work around such as the UK TechDoctor but have not had chance to try them. Good luck. Keep us up to date.

Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler
6 days ago

Amazon prevents full functionality of this and other launchers. There are work arounds for the 4K version but no matter what I try the Wolf Launcher can only be accessed after going through the stock Amazon home page. The launch on boot app is nice looking and all but does nothing for the Gen 2 enabling Wolf on boot or after sleeping.