Amazon Prime vs Netflix: Who Wins?

Like most people, you’re probably stuck at home right now wondering what series or movie to watch. Or better yet, which streaming service to pick. Amazon Prime vs Netflix is an ongoing quandary. Both streaming services seek to outdo one another with original and classic programming. They offer a stellar line-up of award-winning programs in an ever-expanding catalog.

However, Amazon Prime quickly set itself apart from the competition. It did this by offering only one plan instead of different packages at different price points. They’ve attempted to create a one-size-fits-all membership. This comes with perks like complimentary Prime membership and 4K Ultra HD video quality to name but a few.

Then you have Netflix, the most popular video on-demand streaming service. It’s the only one that offers an affordable starter Basic package, in addition to Standard and Premium alternatives.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix Prices

When you sign up for Amazon Prime Video you get complimentary Amazon Prime membership. But, if you don’t want or need Amazon Prime membership then you can add separate video membership. This comes at just $8.99 per month.

On the other hand, Netflix offers three different plans. This includes its popular Basic plan for $8.99 per month, a Standard plan for $12.99 per month, and a Premium plan for $15.99 per month.

There’s very little difference between these three options. This is except for better visuals through HD and Ultra HD viewing as you go up, and an option to watch from multiple screens at the same time.

What About the Viewing Experience?

viewing experience

Here are the main things we will consider:

• Features

Amazon Prime Video is a premium streaming service with no DVR storage as what you’d see on something like Sling TV. This means you can download as many videos as you like, and Netflix even allows you to download and watch shows and movies offline which is great.

This in addition to simultaneous streaming through the use of various devices at the same time. However, this depends on the particular plan that you’ve chosen.

For instance, the Basic plan only allows you to stream from a single device, whereas the Standard option allows you to stream from two devices at once, while the Premium plan allows you to stream from up to four devices at once.

Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, only allows you to stream from three simultaneous devices and you can even watch the same program from two different devices at the same time.

• UI

What’s the user experience like when comparing Amazon Prime vs Netflix? Netflix is known for its user-friendly interface which is characterized by a sleek design and optimized functionality.

The Amazon Prime interface is the exact opposite, with a slightly more complicated interface that doesn’t come with the same level of integration and functionality that you might be used to with Netflix.

This is mainly due to the myriad of additional services included with the Amazon marketplace, as opposed to Netflix, which is purely a VOD streaming service.

• Ads

Amazon Prime vs Netflix – which one should you pick? The truth is that these two are the largest VOD streaming services in the US, and the two are very competitive with different customization, profile and functionality options.

• App Usage

Aside from the lukewarm user interface, the Amazon app works like a charm when used with Amazon devices such as the Echo speaker or Alexa.

It doesn’t matter if you’re watching through a mobile device or an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon allows you to actually manage other streaming services under the same roof, including Netflix, HBO GO, and CBD All Access.

On the other hand, Netflix allows you to watch content across different devices whereas you can’t do the same thing with Amazon Prime Video. The great thing about Amazon Prime is that it allows you to access and use different apps and channels from the same device.

• Personalization

With Netflix, you can create up to five customized profiles on a single account. Each profile can include parental controls where certain kinds of content can only be accessed through special codes.

However, Amazon Prime profile creation is not easy. Prime members have a better time at it thanks to Amazon Household, which allows you to even share your digital wallet and library.

Amazon Prime really shines when it comes to add-on features and Netflix doesn’t even come close. This makes sense when you consider the fact that it’s mostly designed as a marketplace. As such, Amazon Prime allows you to include add-on channels for further customization which means you can watch stuff like Starz and Showtime if you like.

Amazon Prime Video also boasts setting control accessibility on iOS and Android devices alike. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the screen where you’ll find an option titled “My Stuff” and then Settings. Netflix also makes it easier to access the settings section by clicking on Accounts in the menu section.

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Amazon Video vs. Netflix Movies and TV Shows

movies and tv shows

The clincher in the Amazon Prime vs Netflix debate really comes at a head when it comes to the content. Netflix is the king of original content whereas Amazon Prime Video offers more variety of programs. Both are award-winning streaming services that produce highly popular movies and shows.

Netflix has produced such shows and films as the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Crown, Stranger Things, The Irishman, Roma and Icarus. Amazon Studios, on the other hand, has bought us Paterson, The Salesman, and Manchester by the Sea.

Netflix has a knack for dragging their heels when licensing shows. This means viewers are always waiting for the next season with their shows. Amazon releases its shows by the episode to keep users up to date faster.

As such, Amazon is a great option for anyone who wants to find movies and shows that are typically difficult to find. Amazon Prime Video also offers its users access to HBO shows including The Wire, The Sopranos, Succession, and Deadwood.


Amazon Prime vs Netflix – which is the best? It’s hard to say because both are stellar options. On one hand, you have Amazon Prime Video which gives you access to a very generous variety of content. While Netflix has the most original shows on the market.

Both options are absolutely spectacular. But if you’re an existing Amazon user then you might be inclined to pick Amazon Prime Video.

The good news is that both streaming services offer a 30-day free trial. This allows you to test them out before you decide on what’s best for you.

Let us know in the comments below what choice you’re making!


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